The Andersons (written by Amelia-Rose Anderson)

hello everyone! Amelia-Rose is on the line. today I’m going to tell you something about my family.

first of all, something about my roots. all my ancestors from my father’s side were born and raised in Washington. all of them were politicians until my grandfather decided not to follow their footsteps, so he became a military and started training soldiers during Vietnam War. what about my mother’s ancestors, they all came from Europe. they were aristocrats from rich families and some of them were engaged in art. however, after the World War I my French great-grandfather with his pregnant Italian wife escaped to America to start their life over and settle down there. so, theoretically, my grandmother was the first American woman in the history of my ancestors from my mother’s side.

now let’s talk about my parents. as you night guessed, my father was born in a military family. when he was 5 his mother passed away, so his father decided to move to California. there, my father graduated from school and went to the Military Institute of California. meanwhile, my mother studied art and opera at the University of Michigan. as her aunt were living in California, my mother often spent her summer vacation there. so, one day two lonely hearts finally met. as my mom told me, she fell in love with my dad at first sight. my parents were seeing each other for about 2 months, until my mom came back home. however, my dad though that their couple was doomed to separation: first of all, he was 4 years older that my mom (and she was only 17 when they met), secondly, they were living in different states. but my mother believed that it wasn’t their first and last meeting, so they suddenly met each other again 4 years later. my father graduated from the CMA and moved in Michigan, where my mother was living and studying. he found my mom and proposed her. so, that’s the story :)

two years later after my folks got marriage, my mom gave birth to me. I suppose, we were living in 7 states (Michigan, New York, Washington, North Carolina, California, Arizona, and Nevada), because my father was a military, and we moved a lot. I was the only child in our family for the same reason. also, my mother couldn’t find a stable job. at the beginning she tried to work as an opera singer in some local theatres, but then I turned 4, she gave up on her career and started to educate me. so, thanks to my awesome mom, I grew up a talented person who always was into art. what about my personality, I think I took after my dad in character. I’m as stubborn, hardworking, and ambitious as he is. so, people usually say that I’m the best combination of them.

I can’t say that our life together was perfect, but I’m so grateful to them for bringing me and giving me everything I needed. We were so close to each other, we never had fights and we shared all the secrets together. I miss my parents so much and I think they would be proud of who I am now.

well, I think that’s all about my family for now! thanks for your attention.



student, dreamer; LUNN’24

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